Consultancy and R&D in engineering geosciences mapping, rock engineering, water resources
LABCARGA|ISEP – Laboratory of Cartography and Applied Geology

Head: Professor Helder I. Chaminé

The LABCARGA (Laboratory of Cartography and Applied Geology) was created in late 2005 in order to promote consultancy services and R&D in engineering geosciences mapping, rock engineering, hydrogeology and water resources, as well as regarding environmental studies for applied geology and sustainable georesources.
The multidisciplinary Lab team includes, nowadays, 5 professionals, 3 PhD students, and several MSc traineeship students (ISEP) and collaborators. LABCARGA provides specialized consultancy in applied GIS geoscience mapping, hard-rock hydrogeology, urban hydrology, exploration hydromineral resources, hydrogeomechanics, rock engineering and structural geology, rock slope geotechnics, urban geotechnics, coastal geosciences mapping and geomining heritage studies.
LABCARGA also promotes collaborative R&D projects, through national and international partnership networks, in a business, academic or mixed environment. LABCARGA had projects in mainland Portugal, Azores islands, Spain and Mozambique.
Room: C105 (C Building | Departament of Geotechnical Engineering) School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto