MSc Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
(120 ECTS, EUR-ACE quality label accredited by ENAEE)

The School of Engineering ‒ Polytechnic of Porto (ISEP) is part of the European Higher Education Area and of the biggest Portuguese polytechnic institute. Since 1852, its commitment with the future has been advancing education and innovation in Engineering. The engineering students of ISEP receive an education and training dedicated to mastering the applied science and technologies that form the base of an engineer’s knowledge. Porto city is the second-largest city in Portugal and is one of the oldest European centres. Porto’s historical centre is World Cultural Heritage due to its natural setting and its unique charm.
An engineer at ISEP specialising in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (international EUR-ACE quality label accredited by ENAEE) is a skilled engineer who has a solid understanding of the fields of rock and soil geotechnics, georesources, geoenvironment,  geotechnologies and engineering geosciences. The MSc programme combines theoretical and practical framework to conduct field work, engineering design, case studies analysis, attending seminars with industry experts and develop laboratory and/or research activities. The laboratories of consultancy and R&D (LABCARGA - Laboratory of Cartography and Applied Geology and LGMC - Laboratory of Geotechnics and Construction Materials) support the internship, traineeship and research of the students and professor's staff in an international an multicultural environment. The thesis project can be developed within companies and/or research laboratories framework. Recently students presented studies concerning engineering geosciences, GIS mapping and rock engineering, exploration and sustainable management of mineral, water and geothermal resources; excavation geotechnology and mining geotechnics; foundations and earth works reinforcement; evaluation of geomaterials; risk assessment in complex contexts related to environmental protection.
The MSc in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering also benefit from a double degree protocol with the Polytechnical University of Madrid (School of Mines and Energy of Madrid, ETSIME, Spain) and collaboration with Petrophysical Institute Foundation of Madrid (IPf) for internship/traineeship in natural resources (oil, gas, energy, CO2 sequestration, etc.) and geotechnologies framework. 
Scientific and technological training is based on the following fields oriented to the industry framework:

• engineering geosciences, groundwater resources and field geoengineering
• mining geotechnics and geotechnologies (underground excavations, tunnels, mines, slopes, quarries, etc.)
• rock and soil geoengineering (foundations, earth retain works, maritime and fluvial works, in situ geotechnical exploration, etc.)
• exploitation and management of georesources and geomaterials
• environmental sustainibility and planning, environmental geotechnics and technologies
• oil, gas, energies and geotechnologies (in collaboration with Polytechnical University of Madrid and Petrophysical Institute Foundation, Spain)
• geoengineering design and engineering project
• management and leadership skills
• portuguese and spanish languages, as complementary skills to operate in Africa, America and Asia mainly in portuguese-spanish speaking countries

A Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineer (EUR-ACE quality label accredited by ENAEE - - European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education) receive a multidisciplinary training which leads them to a wide range of jobs in mining/georesources, civil/geotechnical, oil/gas and environmental sectors in industry, consultancy and R&D.

Candidate profile
Earth Sciences degree (Geology, Applied Geology, Geosciences, Environmental Geology, Petroleum Geosciences, Georesources, Land Planning and Survey...), Engineering degree (Geotechnical Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mining Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Maritime Engineering, ...), Applied Science degree (Geotechnologies, Geophysics, Marine Geology, Renewable Energy, ...), others Engineering degree (Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering, ...)

Evening Schedule: Monday to Friday, 18:10-23:30, and Saturday, 9:10-13:00.

In recent years, students developed their final project in companies like Mota-Engil, Grupo Elevo, TAHR, Porto de Leixões, Incoveca GranitosEPOS, Secil Britas and research groups such as LABCARGA, LGMC e Fundação Instituto Petrofísico de Madrid, among others.

Double degree protocols with the Universidade Politécnica de Madrid.



Fill in the online application form in

Upload a digital version of following documents:
• ID Card
• Academic Degree Diploma
• Academic Curricula (include degrees, grades, dates and institutions, adding the study plans)
• Professional Curricula (include developed tasks and institutions/companies)

The application is considered finished once the payment of a fee is performed by the applicant. Foreign applicants must contact to obtain the fee payment data.

Entry Requirements
• Graduates or legally equivalent degree or
• Bearers of foreign higher education degree granted after a study cycle organized according to the Bologna Process principles by one of the member states or
• Bearers of foreign higher education degree recognized as fulfilling the objectives of a 1st cycle degree by ISEP’s Technical-Scientific Council or
• Bearers of academic, scientific or professional curricula, which is recognized as attesting the capability to accomplish the 2nd cycle of studies by ISEP’s Technical-Scientific Council

Selection Criteria
A jury will take into account the academic, professional and scientific curricula of the applicant.

Check Placed candidates must then enrol until the deadline indicated on the document “Edital de Abertura do Concurso”.

Academic Division
(+351) 228 340 500
Department of Geotechnical Engineering
(+351) 228 340 527


Curricular unities

  Applied Geomechanics
  Applied Mathematics
  Foundations and Structural Design
  Mineral Processing and Flowsheet Design
  Planning and Land Use Management

  Applied Geostatistics
  Geoenvironmental Techonologies
  Geotechnical Site Investigation
  Maritime and Fluvial Works
  Underground Excavation I

  Financial Management and Human Resources
  Ground Support and Restrain
  Sanitary Landfills
  Underground Excavation II

  Dissertation / Traineeship / Project