Students must successfully complete all the curricular unities that make up the syllabus course.
It is mandatory the presentation and discussion of a draft report at the end of the 6th semester and the examination periods established within the Academic Calendar.
Graduates should have developed and acquired the following skills:

(A) General
In order to address the multitude of problems that the business community faces, as well as channel for business innovation that enables them to become more competitive. They should therefore be able to lead or be part of work teams in different areas of geotechnical engineering and geoenvironment with technical competence and professional and always maintain a position of professional ethics.

(B) Specific
With a versatile professional profile, it's professionals are able to integrate immediately the labor market and fit the theoretical and practical aspects related to current techniques applied in areas such as exploitation of mineral resources and water, remove with explosives, geoenvironment, foundations, public and geotechnical works, surveying, among others. With abilitty to design, plan, conduct and coordinate tasks and jobs, and obtain, analyze and interpret results and transmit them clearly and accurately to society.

Distribution of ECTS credits to obtain the different scientific areas:
Base science (including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Geology): 55
Engineering Sciences: 41
Science and technology Specialty: 67
Complementary Sciences: 17

Note: Distribution of ECTS credits of student syllabus may be subject to possible changes due to the transition period between the previous syllabus and curricula suitable to Bologna.
Access conditions
Entrance Examinations:
(02) Biology and Geology + (16) Mathematics
(02) Biology and Geology + (19) Mathematics
(07) Physical and Chemical + (16) Mathematics
(07) Physical and Chemical + (19) Mathematics
Calculation formula of Entrance Note:
Secondary Average (65%) + Entrance Examination (s) (35%)
Ratings Minimum Required:
Application note: 95 points

Entrance Examinations: 95 points